Some of the major industries of Iowa

Iowa is a prosperous province of the United States which is playing a major role in the economic growth and prosperity of the nation. The province has become a prominent industrial hub that supports diversified economic activities. The economic scenario in this state has improved over the years and it has helped in various areas.

  • Manufacturing: It has one of the largest industries in this province that contributes around $20 billion on an annual basis to the country’s coffer. The industry provides employment scope to people around 220,000 with the establishments of 5000 ancillary units approximately.
  • Communications and Information Technology: The province has also excelled a lot in the field of information technology with the support of the highly-trained workforce. The contribution of this industry in terms of GDP is around $10.69 billion and it has provided employment to about 75,000 people.
  • Renewable Fuels and Energy: The province enjoys a commanding position in this sector and it has earned the top spot in the production of ethanol across the nation. The state has also occupied the second position in the biodiesel production to boost the agriculture of the country to a great extent.



Some of the best restaurants and bars in Iowa

Iowa is a popular place of attraction in the USA due to the scenic landscapes of cornfields and rolling plains. It is based in the middle of the Mississippi and Missouri rivers and has earned the admiration of the visitors all over the world. The place is also notable because of the presence of a large number of bars and restaurants. These mainly include the following below:

  • Breitbach’s Country Dining: It is the oldest bar and restaurant in Iowa which had started its journey in the year of 1852. It serves various traditional American dishes to satiate the hunger of the travelers in a genuine historical environment. This eatery also unleashes the scenic view of the river valleys, fields due to its proximate location with the Mississippi water body. It also provides many traditional beverages of the highest quality.
  • Backpocket Brewing: The architecture of this eatery is mainly inspired by the traditional wooden style and has earned it the reputation of a popular restaurant and microbrewery that serve handmade beer of the highest grades. The front portion features the restaurant where visitors have the chance to taste delicious menus like pizzas, flatbreads, grills, salads, and so on.
  • Clinton Street Social Club: This eatery is another popular place that serves hosts of local cuisines that include seafood, meats, and sandwiches. You will also get the chance to enjoy the refined quality of the native beverages with utmost pleasure and satisfaction. This eatery also exhibits a spectacular Native American environment.
  • Lucky Pig Pub & Grill: It is the ideal eatery of Iowa where you can also bring your family members to taste delicious food dishes of traditional and contemporary America. The restaurant staffs are quite hospitable towards the customers.

Scenic beauty in and around Iowa that you should visit

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Iowa can be your best destination to spend a lovely holiday with your friends and family members. Located in the middle of the Mississippi and Missouri rivers, Iowa has been able to earn the attention of the travel enthusiasts due to the presence of the vast stretches of green cornfields with the unending rolling plains. The province also features landmark sightseeing spots which can make your journey a truly memorable and refreshing one.

Once entering into the state of Iowa, the first spot that you must visit is that of the Grotto of Redemption which is basically a human made grotto and is often hailed as one of the marvelous creations of the world. It usually depicts an important life scene of Lord Christ. The architectural craft will surely take all your attention from your fellow travel partner. In the year of 2001, it has earned a special place among the historical places of this state.

In the evening, you must have a nice walk along the path of the river valley of Iowa to witness the beauty of the diminishing sun above the sky. You also have the chance to admire the green natural surroundings that has not been much explored till now. If you are eagerly looking for thrill and adventure then Snake Alley of Burlington can be your ideal destination once you enter inside the province of Iowa. The spot is quite notable because of snake-like curvy road surface beyond 275 feet. For refreshing the mood of your wife and girlfriend, Pikes Peak State Park can be the romantic most romantic destination to spend quality times with your beloved. The other notable aspect of the Iowa state is the abundance of restaurants and bars which can satiate your hunger to a great extent.

History of Iowa and its culture

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Iowa with its traditional cultural heritage occupies a special place in the history of the United States of America. The place was previously inhabited by the tribal population of Meskwaki, Sauk, Ioway before the arrival of the first European settlers in the year of 1680. In the year of 1673 this place became an integral part of the province of Louisiana or New France which was placed under the French administration for quite some time. In the year of 1803 it was acquired by the government of the United States.

During the middle of 1800, the province of Iowa started to prosper with the introduction of railroad and other modern amenities. Cultivators and traders from the surrounding provinces of the United States began to settle here. Many commercial firms like Quaker Oats had also started to establish their branches here for the purpose of business expansion. In the year of 1846 during the period of the Civil Power Iowa had gained the status of the 29th province of the United States. In the 19th century it witnessed the vast influx of German and other European immigrants.

This place predominately reflects a rustic culture that mainly portrays the agricultural life and hardships of the common American people. Here you have the chance to engage in common gossips and other pleasant activities like fishing, biking, boating, and so on. The place also organizes events like USA presidential caucuses in every four year with utmost sincerity and fanfare. People of this region do take a good interest in politics and often plays a big role to change the outcome of any electoral battle. Students, researchers, and scholars who want to write thesis on the history of USA should visit this place to feel the aura of the native culture.