Scenic beauty in and around Iowa that you should visit

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Iowa can be your best destination to spend a lovely holiday with your friends and family members. Located in the middle of the Mississippi and Missouri rivers, Iowa has been able to earn the attention of the travel enthusiasts due to the presence of the vast stretches of green cornfields with the unending rolling plains. The province also features landmark sightseeing spots which can make your journey a truly memorable and refreshing one.

Once entering into the state of Iowa, the first spot that you must visit is that of the Grotto of Redemption which is basically a human made grotto and is often hailed as one of the marvelous creations of the world. It usually depicts an important life scene of Lord Christ. The architectural craft will surely take all your attention from your fellow travel partner. In the year of 2001, it has earned a special place among the historical places of this state.

In the evening, you must have a nice walk along the path of the river valley of Iowa to witness the beauty of the diminishing sun above the sky. You also have the chance to admire the green natural surroundings that has not been much explored till now. If you are eagerly looking for thrill and adventure then Snake Alley of Burlington can be your ideal destination once you enter inside the province of Iowa. The spot is quite notable because of snake-like curvy road surface beyond 275 feet. For refreshing the mood of your wife and girlfriend, Pikes Peak State Park can be the romantic most romantic destination to spend quality times with your beloved. The other notable aspect of the Iowa state is the abundance of restaurants and bars which can satiate your hunger to a great extent.

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