Some of the major industries of Iowa

Iowa is a prosperous province of the United States which is playing a major role in the economic growth and prosperity of the nation. The province has become a prominent industrial hub that supports diversified economic activities. The economic scenario in this state has improved over the years and it has helped in various areas.

  • Manufacturing: It has one of the largest industries in this province that contributes around $20 billion on an annual basis to the country‚Äôs coffer. The industry provides employment scope to people around 220,000 with the establishments of 5000 ancillary units approximately.
  • Communications and Information Technology: The province has also excelled a lot in the field of information technology with the support of the highly-trained workforce. The contribution of this industry in terms of GDP is around $10.69 billion and it has provided employment to about 75,000 people.
  • Renewable Fuels and Energy: The province enjoys a commanding position in this sector and it has earned the top spot in the production of ethanol across the nation. The state has also occupied the second position in the biodiesel production to boost the agriculture of the country to a great extent.



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